Whale Diary



Report from Eldey: It was foggy in the harbour as we sailed out, but once we had sailed about 10 miles the fog was gone and we had excellent visibility. All throughout the tour, we had a vast and plentiful birdlife within the bay. We could even see the water rippling in some parts from the fish on the surface! At least 10 harbour porpoises were having a feast on this fish, popping up all around and constantly. The star of the tour however was a minke whale we encountered after a little over hour. It was feeding alongside with some diving gannets and not minding our boat around at all.  We could stay with the minke for over half an hour, getting plenty of photo and memory making opportunities with this beautiful creature. Sailing back there was a lot of happiness to be heard from all passenger as they shared what they had just seen.

– Viivi

Birds seen today include: northern gannet, eider duck, common cormorant, northern fulmar, black-backed gull, common guillemot, kittiwake.

We are sailing from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík today. There will be an undercurrent so if your are prone to sea sickness we have sea sickness tablets available at our ticket office. Make sure to dress warmly and make use of our warm overalls as it is always colder on sea than on land. For more information contact us by email elding@elding.is or by phone +354 519 5000.